Hope. It stares at me. It gnaws at me. And most of all it scares me. This journey back into the heart can be a difficult one if you have as much trepidation and fear as I do. What if you dare to hope and it all comes tumbling down? Isn’t that how I got […]

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New Aries Moon

“Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. This is the birth, the awakening. The sparked match that starts a bonfire. Warm yourself in the toasty flames of your brilliant visions. The past weeks have been combative. Can you orient yourself toward inspiration instead? Plant seeds around the actions you’ll take, the creations you’ll make, […]

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Personal Power

The choice of how we use our Power is illustrated in a myriad of ways when communicating with yourself and others. In regards to the manner in which a conversation is held, in a glance given or received. The words that you chose to speak to yourself, the placement of those words and the tone […]

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Spring Equinox

As the wheel of the year turns and the spring equinox is now upon us we celebrate the new awakenings of the earth and that which is within us that has been gestating all winter and is now ready to begin to be birthed. Today is a day that reminds us of balance as the […]

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Ownership is a necessary and vital piece to living a productive and whole life. If you are living from a place of purposelessness you will be inactive and stagnant, when you take ownership of your mind, thoughts, feelings, environment and body your life transforms from surviving to thriving. This is so for every area of […]

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