The latest Ascension Note by Kara Demonet: “The 2018 Equinox: As we move through the Equinox, we are called to demonstrate being in the New. In the old, we reacted in fear, judgment, anger and all things of being emotionally insecure. In the New, we maintain our neutrality. We are Compassionate Observers, detached from taking […]

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Let us honor on this day all those who acted in love for their fellow humans that needed a helping hand, those who showed bravery, courage and selflessness through countless acts of heroism from the initial moments through the days, months and years since 2001. Many of those who gave up their last moments to […]

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Seasons of change

These days are the in between days when it still feels like summer even though the calendar tells us that we just said goodbye to the summer season during the Labor Day holiday. That in between feeling is also where we are astrologically. If you follow astrology or even dabble in it a little I […]

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The word commitment has been weaving its way through many of my conversations lately…once a word that I would mostly equate to images of marriage and romantic relationships, now was being posed as a question of committing to one’s self. As in how are you showing up for yourself on a daily basis? Commitment to […]

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I wrote this post on August 1st last year and it is just as relevant today. 8/1 is a significant date here at Beautiful blog as it is the anniversary of when we first went live with our first website on August 1st 2011. As we just passed our 7th anniversary we would like to […]

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I’ve invested my time and my energy into being approachable so others can feel at ease going through their “stuff” and enlisting me. I have given up some free time, some down time and some just for me time so I could make time for being a support when others believed they needed it. Over […]

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“Let your attention go to the heart. The power in your heart is capable of shifting Mother Earth out of fear. You are awakening the power in your heart by letting your attention flow into it. Just let the attention flow into the heart. ” @AskDivineMother #heart #miraclemindset #mastermanifestor #healing #support #faith #innerpeace #abundance #joy […]

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