Through the frustration

Have you ever been asked to do something on behalf of someone else or found out in the moment that you were the person to assist someone else’s need while being a personal space of frustration?

OMG for real???!!!! Are you serious???!!!!! WHAT?!……….. I don’t even know where to begin……….Oh I’m NOT doing it……….

Now consider the possibility that this perceived interruption in your flow is a break for you to stop your routine and get a breath of fresh air. Get a quick resurge of light and divine love direct from God, from Source. An unconscious download for another part of your day to be experienced.

Let us come back to the frustration and being asked to do something unexpected while you are less than agreeable to accommodate… This is an opportunity -Yes an opportunity to put the law of accommodation to work for you in a karmic aspect. Now hold on this should not be the only reason you move through the frustration and accommodate the need. Your movement through frustration to assist should come about because in every aspect of your existence someone assisted you. Whether you are aware of this fact or oblivious to it it is truth. “No matter what you have or what you accomplished ¬†someone helped you”- Alethea Gibson Since no one is born unto themselves it is common sense, common courtesy to be of service to others when you have the skill and talent to get the task done despite your frustration.

So let that beautiful skin that you are rocking get the type of stretching that all fine leathers receive when they are being molded into something luxuriously opulent. Stretch your compassion potential and assist the individual who blessed you with the opportunity to be more involved with sharing divine love and light in that moment to this world.

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