imageWhat if we viewed every experience no matter how “small” or seemingly “insignificant” as an opportunity to rise above what we have done in the moment before? Opportunities for growth, progress, strengthening and chances to shift our perspective. When we give ourselves the option to look at each experience AS an opportunity to do better it is a true gift. So many times we are going through the moments in our lives thinking we do not have choices or opportunities and it can make things feel heavy and weighty. The irony is that EACH and EVERY moment IS the opportunity. Will you choose to shift the lens that you view the world and your life through to open up to the opportunity each moment and experience presents- to expand and push through the limits we impose upon ourselves? Will you chose to breathe health into the experience that are being presented for you in your life through life affirming words, actions and deeds? Ask yourself if your perspective is aligned with the life you want to be living and adjust accordingly.

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