Today we would like to discuss how if past hurts and wounds are not healed it can affect every aspect of your life. When you experience pain/trauma/hurt in your life and it has not been completely addressed, the feelings do not go away, they are just stored. When a part of you gives up, because our perspective is saying that a dream has not come true or a relationship has “ended,” and you have shut down a piece of you because of it and cut yourself off from your heart, you remain stuck in that pain. And continually move from that space. It colors all that you do, whether unconsciously or consciously. And when you keep yourself mired in the pain, it takes you out of living from your heart space and closes you off from truly Living. That is how misplaced doubt gets a foothold against the promises God has made and Jesus Christ insures. It allow for the foundation of wrong belief systems that are prevalent in the world.

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