Welcome to the Lionsgate. 8/8 kicks off a time when it would serve you well to be aware of the alignment between your thoughts, words, actions and deeds. Do they align with your dreams? As we step into the power of the Lionsgate that which we think will become manifest swiftly. It would be wise to use discernment when looking at what is currently manifesting in your life, that which you would like to change and that which no longer serves you.

Where will you go
What will you do
How will you get there
When will you return
How far will you travel
What will you discover
What type of being will you be when and if you return
Will you learn that to BE with ones own self opens up your life to a whole new way of
A whole new perspective
One that begins with that which lives within vs the other way around
What will you become as you become undone? -AMG

#lionsgate #august #august8th #portal #power #manifest #manifestation #birth #rebirth #become #be #beingness #awareness #divinefeminine #balance #innerpeace #innerknowing #synchronicity

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