Dreaming of a day…
when we stand for what we know deep within
Aligned with our truth, our strength, our power
Our actions, words and deeds all coming from the Truth that lies within
The depths of which are beyond our wildest dreams
Our intuitive center being honored
Reminds me of the galactic core of the galaxies
Reminding me that we are all made up of the cosmos
When you begin to wake up and remember how limitless the possibilities of this life can be
Will you choose to honor your dreams?
#dreamchasers #dreams #cosmos #eclipse #love #brave #strength #divinefeminine #transformationtuesday #dreamsarereal #truth #courage #galaxy #stars

One Reply to “Dreams”

  1. This is lovely piece. Thank you for helping to bring awareness to a topic I have with myself. I think this is a confirmation that it is time to act on the truths of my heart seeing how holding it in has no benefits.

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