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Eclipses are so much more powerful than regular New and Full Moons. We have the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo, being the second Leo New Moon within a month, at 2:30 PM (EDT). At the time of the eclipse, some of you in North America will see how the Sun darkens as the Moon blocks the Sun. Eclipses are uprooting and life-changing and they bring endings and new beginnings in one or another way. As we have had the Lunar Eclipse, the Solar eclipse follows with an energy of new beginnings and changes that will have an effect for 6 months until the next eclipse season. Leo is all about our heart energy, warmth, royalty and unique essence and light. Eclipses tend to eclipse, or cut out, the things, situations or people that do not serve us, and this change can come very abruptly, but always for your higher and greater good. It is a powerful time right now to set long-lasting intentions, those that you want to see grow over the coming 6 months. The truth will be clearly revealed to us, both internally and externally and with the star Regulus (royalty and leaders) and Uranus (disruption, break through and freedom) we can also expect changes on a more global scene with leaders and decision makers. We are being asked to understand how we as individuals can empower ourselves and thereby the collective in order to create a better world. How can you step into your own unique light in order to unify and evolve the collective? What new beginnings are awaiting you?🌸 #solareclipse #dreams #totalsolareclipse #newbeginnings #new #life #love #trust #believe #bestill #bestillandknow #prayer #prayers #grateful #faith #solar

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