Break Command

As we walk through our days we are presented with different experiences that are offering us the options to shift our perspective in a situation or scenario that we see repeatedly playing out in our lives. We are being asked how will you handle it this time? Will you keep repeating the same patterns of word, action and deed? Or will you do better, because you know better? When there is density, a feeling of heaviness/weightiness, being felt when discussing a certain subject or person or past hurt there are tools you can use to break up that density and bring in more love and light.

Claudia and I have been working with Connie Huebner for many years. She works with the energies of Divine Mother and offers many different tools that are very useful during our moment to moment walk in this life. She has graciously allowed us to post one of the tools she offers. It is called the “break command” and can be used for any situation in your life that you would like to add more light to in order to break up any past hurts, disappointments or any feelings of heaviness.

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