We exist on this planet surrounded by all these forms of energy that are available to propel, sustain and deliver us to our self spoken desires good, bad, and neutral. As we look to live a full and whole life, alignment with energies that vibrate on the level we need to be on is crucial. When we are in a place where we say our energy is low we need to increase this or soften and allow for understanding the root of this. Softening and allowing for the purpose of understanding where the feeling of low personal energy is originating from is a healthy way to deal with recurring issues of low energy. When you see or understand the root you can then thank this core reason for being there and release it if it no longer serves your current life. Now raise the vibration to increase the energy to allow production in your life as it is aligned with your self-talk, your expectations and the desires of your heart. This begins with taking rest when needed not just when convenient or at exhaustion. It means having a moment to provide nourishment with water, food, inspirational pieces, mediation, physical activity, religious or spiritual doctrine supporting your growth area. Greater energy can be downloaded and accepted when put into a group setting because it is the collective partnering of like alignment that supports more vibrational energy supportive of your growth or renewal area.

#growth #love #renewal #energy #energyhealing #rest #vibrations #healing #highvibrations

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