We live in a society which is obsessively pre-occupied with pain and how to get out of it in the quickest possible way. I know how uncomfortable pain can be on all levels: physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. But have you ever thought of why we experience pain and what we can learn from it? What if we choose to shift our perspectives and see pain as a catalyst to change? Moving from being a victim to the pain into a space of empowerment. Now I am not saying that this is an easy task especially when we are in the throes of the pain, but before you balk at this concept and I lose you, take a breath and think of how different our lives would be if we took a moment to sit with the pain. Instead or trying to run from it, take a pill to make it go away, drink it away or any other number of ways we humans try to numb ourselves out to pain. What if the pain is a way to get your attention? A way that the body is speaking to you, because all the other subtler queues have been overlooked. What if you stilled yourself long enough to drop into the pain and ask what are you here to teach me?

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