Today we have been moved to look at the topic of Ownership and the value and honor it can restore within our lives. When you come to the realization that you would like your life to change, or shift, or to look different than it does now- you may find it useful to begin from a place of taking ownership for the area of your life you’d like to change. This can be done in small ways in the beginning. So as not to become overwhelmed or feel as though you would like to shrink back or retreat if you do not see immediate results. We live in a society that perpetuates the idea that there are no consequences for your actions, therefore what benefit is it to you to take responsibility in and for your life? Many hold the belief that life is something that happens to you, so how can one take ownership of something that is already out of your control? Perhaps it is easier to subscribe to this way of thinking about life since it takes ownership away from you. Going with the flow… Dealing with the hand dealt… See what life brings me… In some instances these sayings are acceptable when we are actively participating in our thoughts, self-talk, actions and reactions. And if we are showing up for living in the moment not the past or the “what if… scenarios” that do not speak to our own personal truth nor the actual space we find ourselves. Ownership is a necessary and vital piece to living a productive and whole life. If you are living from a place of purposelessness you will be inactive and stagnant. When you take ownership of your mind, thoughts, feelings, environment and body your life transforms from surviving to thriving.

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