As we continue focusing on our intentions for the new year, on the eve of the winter solstice, we would like to discuss the verbiage you use when setting the intentions. The words you choose are very important because as we have discussed before on this Blog, words have weight to them, so when you are writing your intentions down the way that you express your intentions should align with your heart. Being in a space of gratitude and giving thanks in the wording will speak to the warmth in your heart. If you believe in God, in whatever form that looks like for you, use the verbiage that mirrors your beliefs. Only write down what you and your heart believe. If you have already written your intentions down go over them again to make sure that they make you and your heart say YES! This is OURS!

#intentions #intentionsetting #newmoon #wintersolstice #heart #speaktoyourheart #2018 #words #alignment #resonate #focus

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