We wanted to share our post from a year ago…. When you are in a space of openness and allowing, messages and greater awareness can come through at any moment of your day. And many times when you least expect it. As you commit and re-commit to allowing and make the moment to moment choice to stay open vs closed off and judgmental, you will see how moments can be filled with such rich experiences.

As I was standing in the lobby of a restaurant the other night I was looking at one of the paintings on the wall of a matador waving his red flag in front of the eyes of a menacing looking bull… as I gazed further into the picture as the stillness of the restaurant enveloped me and the snow lightly blanketed the street outside I realized that I had been playing the role of the bull for far too long. The red flag being waved represented the many triggers that brought me into anger, fear, doubt and a plethora of other emotions. I realized I had made it very easy for those (including myself at times) who did not want to see me succeed. I had allowed myself to be easily distracted by the red flag of the matador and each time i saw red I fiercely charged forward caught up in whatever emotion that had me reeling. And Each time I let myself get caught up in the maelstrom of emotions I was stepping away from my destiny.

Artist of 1st image: Mahnoor Shah

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