What does our heart have to say?

If your heart has been silenced for so long how can you recognize her voice when she is calling out to you?

Does she speak softly at first to see if you are paying attention? Does she speak in a way that could be viewed as timid, although that is an out right lie, because she is ALWAYS filled with strength. You just do not acknowledge that strength, because you have believed the lie that your mind is the most powerful part of you for so long that to move from that belief makes you short circuit and fills you with doubt and fear. Spinning you out into rabbit holes and trepidation and leaving you in a reactionary state of perpetual defensiveness. Always building a case against the heart. Believing that consulting your heart makes you weak. And if you dare begin to discuss your heart or emotions with another they will view you as weak. They will call you a whole host of negative names beginning with dramatic… too emotional…(insert your fav one here, because we have all heard them)

If you have turned away from your heart, time and time again, how does your heart know that this moment will be different? How does she know that this is finally the time you commit to turning TOWARDS her vs turning away from her and the grace, wisdom and honesty that lives in the heart space? It takes commitment, perseverance, deep listening, patience and allowing during the process of healing the relationship with your heart. At times the process can be challenging and downright hard. If you can commit to the journey of living from the heart space first, allowing the heart to have a voice and lead the way, your life will forever be changed in the most remarkable ways.

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