As we approach the upcoming super/blue full moon next week and begin to feel the effects of the eclipse season, the energies can feel a little intense and have a sense of finality to them. Just remember that as we let go we make room for the new, so even though it may be an ending it is also a new beginning. We are here to support you as you do the work of manifesting your dreams and desires. Allow us to support you through prayer and the gift of the healing properties of the crystals used in our wrist pieces. Take a moment to look through our designs listed in our Etsy shop and if there is a piece that you’d like to customize with us send us a DM or email. It would be our pleasure to create a piece just for you.

Featured in this pic is our Hematite and mother of pearl wrist piece. The mother of pearl offers energies to protect us from negative influences, transmutes negative energies, heighten intuition and imagination. Hematite heightens self confidence, will power, self esteem, stimulates the mind, enhances memory, is highly grounding and protective, calming and helps those who lack courage.

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