Power is a complex topic that has many layers to it. So often it is a word that can be charged with so much negative energy. When we think of those who wield their power over another, therefore leaving one side powerful and the other powerless. But how often do you think of power in the positive- as in terms of love, compassion and the power over one’s self, thoughts and actions?

I think of power as a sacred gift given to us when we enter this life to participate in the living world around us.As power is an unspoken living word that affects and effects the way people move through moments of living. I find myself asking for guidance frequently In an effort to better utilize my power in the reflection of my moment to moment actions.

The choice of how we use our Power is illustrated in a myriad of ways when communicating with yourself and others. In regards to the manner in which a conversation is held, in a glance given or received. The words that you chose to speak to yourself, the placement of those words and the tone used in a conversation written or voiced. We have the choice to use our power responsibly and for the greatest good of all those involved, but we first have to make a conscious choice to work on reestablishing our personal power in regards to the way we communicate in all our relationships, beginning with the one with our self

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