We as women collectively and on an individual basis need to define how being vulnerable impacts our lives. Are we seeing it as leaving us open to attack or being physically/emotionally wounded? Or are we seeing it as another place to stand in our personal power?

Allowing others to see us for who we truly are, to take off the veils that we hide behind and allow ourselves to be fully seen may be a very frightening proposition. Especially, when one has been living their life holding people at arm’s length for many years and have not allowed themselves to trust others in fear of getting hurt.

However, when one is coming from a place of personal power it clears the way for experiences that only can be received when one is allowing oneself to be exposed…receptive…

open… dare we say, vulnerable.

These words are filled with the strength of the feminine and when one balances (if they so choose) their life with the feminine and masculine qualities and opens to them, it fills your life with a courageousness and fierceness one has not experienced prior to that moment.

#love #vulnerability #vulnerabilityisstrength #power #strength #courage #heart

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