Take a moment and encourage one another as you move through your day. We do not know that which another is going through. Your smile may turn around another persons day and give them hope that this life is worth living. I know it’s not easy when we encounter challenging predicaments and humans throughout our days, however if we can take a breath and revenged ourselves and remember that which is most important in this life perhaps the triggers that you are being faced with in the moment will have less of a charge and you can defuse the situation instead of it becoming more volatile. One moment at a time let us choose to support each other vs turning away. Let us speak Health to all areas of our lives. Let us encourage ourselves and one another.

Where do you go in times of need? Who do you turn to and who to do you turn away from? Do you enact your belief system or do you get into bed with fear?

#support #community #womensupportingwomen #balance #faith #hope #life #dreamchasers #miraclemindset #truth #encourage #encourageyourself #health

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