Happy summer solstice! We honor the light in our lives today as we enjoy the longest day of the year and we give thanks to Gaia for all that she gives us throughout the seasons. The wheel of the year has turned yet again and we celebrate the fruits of our labor, the seeds that were planted in the darkest of nights during the winter months and the soil that was tended to and cared for during the Spring has now given its way to the plentiful harvest and rich bounty of the Summer. We celebrate the miracles of this life and new beginnings as we bask in the Sun’s plenty. Aligning with the energy of this day we would like to congratulate one of our #teambeautifulblog beautiful blog members @kathrynmarie416 for finishing all the requirements for her masters degree!! Kathryn we celebrate you living the life of your dreams and applaud you for claiming victory over all the adversity that you have faced. God bless you 💗

#blessings #blessingsonblessings #thankgodforansweredprayers #thankyoumoreplease #life #celebratelife #support #solstice #summersolstice #dreamchasers #womensupportingwomen #balance #miracles #miraclemindset #faith #courage #hope

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