I wrote this post on August 1st last year and it is just as relevant today. 8/1 is a significant date here at Beautiful blog as it is the anniversary of when we first went live with our first website on August 1st 2011. As we just passed our 7th anniversary we would like to thank all of you who have supported us through the years, we would like to welcome all of those who have newly joined the community and we look with open hearts and expectant eyes towards the bountiful future that awaits us.

What if, as women, we claimed what is rightfully ours?

Instead of allowing others to dictate to us: how we should act, speak, move through life.

What type of heart opening power would that lead to?

Would you have the courage to harness that type of power?

The power that lies dormant within you.

The power that comes from the Source energy that you were created by

The power that is filled with the vitality that wants to move through you effortlessly

The power that we choose, unconsciously or consciously, to choke off and block by holding onto all the past hurts and exterior pain that we take in as our own.

In this moment let’s begin again and choose to make choices that honor our power.


#divinefeminine #healing #support

#empoweredliving #speaklife #empoweredwomen #claimwhatisyours #life #knowledge #knowledgeispower #truth #thefutureisfemale #understanding #womenentrepreneurs #womensupportingwomen #wisdom

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