Forgiveness says let go of the emotions felt the moment the offense occurred. Forgiveness says release yourself from holding space and memory of the offense so you can release yourself from nourishing those injured parts to remain injured. Forgiveness says trust again, love again, believe in the good of others, hope again and live unafraid. Compliance with forgiveness says “yes” to these things and supports these things in actions taken by us.

Compliance does not support “I will forgive but not forget” this supports holding space for the hurt and nourishing the ill feelings being stifled inside of you and keeping it warm opposed to allowing the feeling then releasing the feeling or feelings. Compliance will support you to live without harboring fear, malice, apprehension when a situation may possibly seem like the one that brought about the offense in the past. Compliance lets you live life without limiting your coming and going without limiting your hope, without limiting your willingness to love, trust and be available to others.

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