The space to live

The space to think

The space to be in JOY

The space to embrace the knowing that you are in relationship with the Divine

The space to cultivate a miraculous life

The space to breathe

The space to live your life

The space to BE

The space for lusciousness to drip from every corner of your world

The space to thrive

The space LOVE

The space to be magnificent

The space to radiate Divine Love

The space for life to bloom

The space for your light to shine as bright as can be

The space to allow

The space to receive

The space to be in gratitude

Find the space in your life. Dig deep and carve out the space, between breaths, between an event that occurs and your reaction. Give yourself the gift of this space. Let go! Like changing your clothes after a day of wear or clearing out the closet to make room for the new items you have purchased or will purchase. Free up the precious commodity in your physical body. Free up the precious commodity in your spirit. Most importantly free up the precious commodity in your heart. Allow yourself to step out of the heavy burden of debt by crowding your heart, mind, spirit and flesh with experiences, self talk, opinions of others, hurtful and toxic images of you, your worth, your ability, your future, your love of self. Letting go will pay off the burden of debt that has an impossible interest rate on your life. Letting go will then set the stage for brand new experiences, self talk, opinions and dreams that can be actualized. Letting go is the initial step that creates the sacred, life appreciating, life expanding commodity SPACE

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