26 years. a lifetime to some.

26 years of living a lie

26 years of false truths

26 years of unforgiveness

26 years of pain

26 years of causing my loved ones pain

26 years of doubt

26 years of running from the Truth

26 years of running from my Self

26 years of pushing love away

26 years of longing

26 years of self hatred

26 years of being afraid

26 years of tears

26 years of years of anxiousness

26 years of believing false beliefs

26 years of shame

26 years of fear

26 years of playing small

26 years of not feeling worthy of God’s blessings

26 years. a lifetime for some.

When we give ourselves the gift of time to heal no matter how deep the wounds, no matter how long you have carried them and no matter how strong the roots have become, there is healing on the other side if you choose to walk through the darkness. God’s love will carry you through. In whatever form of support that speaks to you and resonates with your Soul take the time to seek it out.

One reply to “Healing

  1. Lovely. Healing is a journey that requires compassion of self, forgiveness, courage to speak and communicate that truth. 26 years of realizing and birthing this is an awesome thing to have shared. Thank you


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