Mercury in Rx

Mercury retrograde

I would like to offer a different perspective on mercury being in retrograde. One that illuminates the positive aspects of this time of year. Mercury goes into retrograde (appears to be moving backwards) 3-4 times a year, about once a season. Which means each season we are given the opportunity to re-establish where we are with the garden of our life. I tend to use the garden analogy often when discussing mercury in retrograde because I find it gives us a useful visual image to illuminate where are focus is in our lives. If you are living moment to moment and have daily practices in place you will be closer to your garden as you will have been tending to it regularly. if you just get around to looking in on your garden every once in a while there will be a lot of things that may be unrecognizable and overrun. We desire for you to be able to identity the seeds you are planting and sowing, the weeds that are sprouting up or in some cases that we have allowed to get out of control (I.e. negative thought patterns, cycles of behaviors)

If we can shift our perspective about mercury in retrograde from one that is vexing to viewing the time as a gift to restore, rejuvenate, rewind, renew and relax we can settle in and receive that which is being offered to us.

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