One of the most powerful acts we have available to us is forgiveness. Forgiveness is a display of love. Forgiveness is a release of perceived offense, insult and disrespect. It is a beacon for total wellness. The act of forgiveness actually releases us from stagnation and stress on our cells.

The beautiful part of forgiveness is it is a two way blessing. For the person or people being forgiven, forgiveness from the hurt or harmed person shows them mercy in action. It also illustrates the largess of having the knowledge of love alive in a human being that then has them in focus to pardon them. It is truly humbling to have this display of mercy and love bestowed upon a person whose purpose at the time was to harm or be indifferent. For the person or people forgiving, forgiveness shows strength through love alive and transforming the incident into the dissolvable past. Forgiveness bestows grace upon the injured person or people. It gifts the forgiver with deliberate focus on replacing their lost with understanding of others and a rejuvenation of their own power.

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