In honoring the upcoming solstice we wanted to share the latest @womancraft_publishing post


“The dark speaks in a Feminine voice. And She calls us to listen.

Going dark is an important regular practice for women. It serves to disconnect us from the outer world, from the racing, chattering mind and incessant doing, and reconnect with self/Source. We fully recharge and revitalise when we allow ourselves to go dark. We allow space for our embers to glow more brightly, so that we can truly sense what we burn for and focus on how we can become further inflamed with it. In the dark we come out of our comfort zones, out of our minds and into our primal bodies.

A number of powerful women I know choose to “go dark” regularly. Stepping away from technology and distractions, and they immerse themselves in nature and their own creative impulses undistracted. Be it by living off-grid for a day each week, or even months or years. By returning to writing by hand, and living by firelight and candlelight for the winter season or just winter solstice. By retreating every time their menstrual blood emerges, or on their personal Sabbath, or simply when they choose to create.

In the daylight we believe we are our thoughts and that they are reality. In the dark we learn that we have the choice to listen to and believe our thoughts. We learn that they are a river running over the top of a deep dark chasm of being. We are not the river. We do not control the river. It takes consistent practice and unlearning.

We are not taught how to deal with the process of inner transformation, or recognise what is happening in the dark. But our souls are pushing us to go dark… so that they can emerge more fully.”

@lucyhpearce from Burning Woman

#solstice #wintersolstice #blessings #rejuvenating #renewal #balance #goingwithin #innerlandscape #connection #keepgodfirst #connectiontosource

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