As we prep for setting of our 2019 intentions utilizing the energetic boost from the new moon in Goal setting Capricorn with the accompanying shoot of POWER from the eclipse….we invite you to also prep with us.

The first new moon of 2019 will give us the opportunity to review anything unfinished from 2018 that you would like to move forward on. Which means anything that still is charged emotionally for you and/or that which is still occupying space in your thoughts. In addition to the new moon there is a partial solar eclipse taking place on the same day and the planet Uranus will be going direct which means all the planets will now be in direct motion. Translation: all systems are a go and moving FORWARD rapidly!

To support our best and highest good in integrity joy and allowance we will commit to the doing these steps in the order shown.

1. Getting to know you….

We will take time and look into the eyeballs of our own reflection for 1-3 minutes. If this is hard for you start with 30 seconds four times each day until you can do the 1-3 minutes

2. Give yourself a hug while you hum, sing, speak verbally or mentally the words”I love you” for two minutes or longer

3. Envision the experience you would like to live

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