God I thank you that you help me avoid extremes. I thank you for the book of psalms that shows us every emotion is understood by you and you can give us the power to change it or to channel it. Thank you that we have the ability to feel. Lord, I know my feelings are often unreliable. I want to build my life on your truth not my feelings. I don’t want to be manipulated by other ppl or the enemy or my own old nature. I want to be self controlled and alert. I want to please you Lord. I want you to be the Lord of my emotions. Help me to practice what I have learned. When I begin to feel a strong emotion help me to name it and figure out why I am feeling this way. Help me to understand my emotions. Help me to challenge my emotions and to ask is it true and is it helpful. Will feeling this way help me to get what I need? And then help me to change and channel what can be used for good. Fill my life and myself with the Holy Spirit. Fill my life with peace not chaos, with Abundance not lack, with joy not sorrow and with patience not impatience, fill me with self control and kindness and gentleness. Help me to manage my mouth. Fill my mouth with your words and your truth not mine

Prayer by Pastor Rick Warren

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