What would your life look like if you lived from a place of trust, gratitude and faith. To truly live from that place, not just say that you are living from there, but feel into it on a moment to moment basis. How much more luscious and supple would your life be? How much more connected to the essence of the life that you were born to live. That beautiful red thread that has been weaved through our existence that we can lose sight of when “life” gets in the way.

The moments that I have been blessed to live from that place have been so magnificent that it is hard to put words to it. As though the energy is so buoyant and beyond what we can conceive of that words just stifle it and make it small, for this beautiful feeling of FREEDOM is open, radiant and (pause and take a deep breath from your belly)…nourishing. Feels like home. That feeling of peace as though you have arrived in a place that you were searching for your whole life,  but until that moment you were not able to find the right door to enter.

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