As the wheel of the year turns to the Spring Equinox we are reminded of the balance of light and dark as the day reflects back to us the beauty of these equal moments. This is a time of Rebirth. Renewal. Revitalization. Regeneration. We give God thanks for the new season that is upon us. Spring is a heart opening time when the earth begins to awaken from its long slumber in the darkness. The unfurling of the flower. The bud that shoots up through the rich fertile soil. May we all be bold and courageous in turning towards the heart opening experiences that are being presented to us. May we be allowing and continue to soften in our hardened places. May we turn towards each other and towards Love. Rose quartz can assist with softening in the heart and is a very supportive crystal to be worn and meditated with during this time.

Art by Josephine Wall

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