Blind spots

I became aware over the past few days that one of the themes that  has presented itself in very synchronistic ways repetitively has been the theme of blindspots. Blindspots and how they show up in our lives; what they are ; what can cause them; are they visible or are they really places where no sight is allowed…..

According in the dictionary app a blindspot is :

“an area in which one fails to exercise judgment or discernment”

So then I ask myself the following questions:

  • where are the blindspots in my life?
  • where is my attention: on others or reflective on my inner work for self improvement
  • where are the blind spots that my faith is not penetrating
  • where will I not allow myself to be changed?
  • where am I/have I used anger to create blind spots?

After considering these questions while practicing deeper inhales I could see how the following aspects can impact any blind spot.

Perspective, perception and pictures of how things “should be” can assist us in creating blind spots. Willful arrogance and willful ignorance can be helpful in keeping blind spots in place. Blind spots are easy to support when flexibility is something we think are for the youth and yogis.

Flexibility is found in perception, pictures of how things can be, willful acceptance of abilities and also in openness of perspective. Remembering our human nature comes with flexibility… the ability to change our minds, habits, level of responsiveness, our physical form, our hair, our preferences. Blind spots can be introductions to the places we neglect… helping us turn our attention to exploring the root of the dismissed place.

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