This week with the help of the stars and planets we have aspects that are very beneficial to our growth and days that are auspicious in nature. As we move closer to the powerful portal of 2020 we are being asked to go deeper then we ever have before as the energies support us to expand in ways we had not thought possible in the past. You are being supported in EXPANDING cycles of behavior, thought patterns and conscious awareness if you so choose to allow the energies to support your journey. The energy is courageous, BOLD and asking you to continue to live from the heart in ways that were unthinkable and perhaps unimaginable in moments past. This week is filled with the positive aspects of Jupiter, the harbinger of luck, as Jupiter becomes aligned with the Galactic center. What would you like to expand in your life? Will we have the courage to expand our perspective, perception and schema? The energies of this week are very positive as they push your boundaries of belief and ask you to expand within allowing more space to dream and your life force to flow as long held resistance is released. img_5877

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