Just a thought

Who am I beyond the stories that I tell of how I came to be this way?
Who am I beyond the past?
Who am I beyond the pain?
Who am I beyond the labels I claim?
Who am I beyond the defensiveness?
Who am I from a NEW vantage point?
Who am I when I have released all that has come before?
Who am I when I stop telling the stories?
Who will I allow myself to become?
What happens when we dare to drop the masks that we have purchased through our blood and tears?
Who do we become when we allow ourselves to just BE?
Who will I be when I claim and harness my full power?
Who will I be when I allow the scars to be exposed but no longer define myself by them?

Allowing ourselves to ask these types of questions of ourselves and then being bold enough to participate in the activity that will lead to getting the answer is absolutely inspiring! It is a path that moves us away from the tight confines we have chosen and or accepted for our lives.

Feeding the narrowness of our perception perspective and limited schema takes work and alignment. We suggest with the same committed conviction entertain an image a scenario (that doesn’t require complete inebriation  or a substance to alter your sense of self) were you are more flexible with giving yourself permission to hold fewer limits over yourself. Giving yourself the opportunity to find out the truth of how able you are to have, experience and maintain a healing fuller life experience in all areas of your life. Aligning with the great many number of tools that lay waiting for your usage. Giving ear to words or a word that speaks healing to your situation without dismissing the vibrational power of it. For example imagine how a word like “release” can bring release into your situation. How living into the word “release” can support release in pent up emotions, uneasy memories thru bringing the attention to the area. How the exhaling through your mouth is a releasing breath and the quality of the nasal inhale can help the releasing breath be a cleansing breath ( as it speaks to release).  How about going a little further as you allow the word “release” to participate in how you expand in the breadth of your perception, perspective to include the use of other tools such as tunes / music. Music carries vibrations.  Vibrations  are EVERYWHERE. Vibrations are carried in thoughts taking the word “release” into your consideration align with similar vibrations in the atmosphere already at that frequency. Playing music that helps support your willingness to release encourages you to sustain this willingness. Listening to tunes that resonate at known frequency can be beneficial in supporting your release. There are Solfeggio tunes in hertz that vibrate to support release in matters of trauma, healing, past lives and cognitive processes. This is an example of how a word considered can support us in getting maximum return and benefit as we work on living a fuller life.

Now what will you consider doing today as you ask your questions if you will ask yourself these questions…what words or word will speak to you to consider as a broaden your perspective and perception of you ?



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