This is the last month of this decade. Think back to where you were in your life in December 2009 and how your life has changed since that time. What are some of the aspects of that life that you still cherish and would like to bring back around into your daily existence. What is ready to fall away as it no longer serves you and the direction that your life is taking. Have you been able to gain clarity around who you are and where you would like to go on this grand adventure called life? We are on the precipice of an unprecedented time. What will you pack in your suitcase for the trip we are taking into this next decade? Where can you expand your vision of what is possible? The self imposed limitations and stifling judgements will not be met kindly where we are going. The inner landscape will need to be released of these types of negative self talk and harshness for you to flourish on this next piece to the greater puzzle of humanities future. img_4863

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