Using what we have…

C332D239-6EF4-4295-A010-ED76B447EDA3.jpegWe have been using the tools of deep releasing breaths (breathing in through the nose and exhaling through an open mouth) along with a violet flame meditation during our daily prayer calls and the healing that has come forth has been amazing to witness albeit quite uncomfortable at times to live through the process of the multi-level decluttering release.
We have been discussing what happens in the cell (s) when we hold on to :
Self loathing
There is a build up in your cells similar to smog that slows down the vibration of the cells. The smog like material also causes a reduction in speed at which the cellular processes takes place. This cellular smog gets increased as we live continuing to hold on to the types of moment listed.
As we increase in our awareness of these facts regarding our own vibration we may begin to desire a different way of being.  You come to the realization that your reality has been created by holding onto a series of past moments which were meant to be lived through then released for a greater experience in the Now moment. Some of those past moments we are holding up in our present occurred a very long time ago. So the cells also have been holding on to those toxins of the past and those unreleased emotions causing us to be suspended in the past while you are in the right now moment. Being that we are still reliving that past and looking through that perspective, perception and schema as we move through our today lives. This means you are not really living in the now moment presented to you right now.
How do we move from this point of realization to the participation part of living in the present?

If we are coming from the standpoint that the body is always looking to heal. Then what will it take for healing to occur?

It has been our experience that committing with conviction to release that which has been stored up within our cells is the answer. The answer that comes with the use of the practical tools of using our breath. When you inhale we are becoming aware of the clarity that is in each inhalation. Then we follow the millisecond of clarity with an open mouth exhale to release the energies that are willing to start releasing. We suggest the use of violet flame sentences : I AM a being of Violet fire. I AM the purity of Divine Love’s desire. To be said repeatedly one after the other for a time of   1-3 minutes in range.
This type of breathing in conjunction with use of your voice speaking these laid words will support you in all areas of your being to release and heal.  Even when it feels crazy uncomfortable within your physical body your committed conviction to continue with this participation  says I AM worth it and I AM able.

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