Open to some assistance

We are continuing to look at how running is sparked and nurtured in our journey. We would like to consider the aspect of believing that we are unworthy in its many interesting ways it morphs.  Unworthiness can be seen is dismissive behavior regarding acknowledging one’s self. Unworthiness can be illustrated in the intense criticism of yourself or belief that others are constantly ridiculing you. Unworthiness can be illustrated in not honoring your own feelings, our own boundaries, not voicing your needs or preferences. Unworthiness can show up in over-reacting to situations to generate feelings of shared approval or shared commonality. Unworthiness shows up in the comparison of you to others. We would like to continue but at this time we have information to share that will empower you. This information will assist us in transforming our cyclic habits that are not aligned with our best and highest good… our healing for wholeness.

This Friday there will be a full moon eclipse in Cancer. Eclipses can be jarring in good ways as they shake things up although at times they can feel challenging. They can wake us up out of what was a sleep that we did not know we were in. The energies are amplified and accelerated pushing us forward. Breaking down structures that we thought were securely in place in order to leave room to rebuild the new that wants come through. With the upcoming eclipse being in Cancer it may be an emotional time for us. Our heart chakras will be activated and asked to expand. This can feel beautiful be beautiful  and like growing pains be painful at the same time.

As thorough as Source is this Sunday we have a another event to support the transforming of the things that were into the things that are ready to come. Transformation for the elevating of the spirit, the mind, the body for fuller life experience. This Sunday we have planetary assistance that will lift if we are open and allow for the support. Let’s get a little break down…

Saturn-Pluto conjunction is rather rare because it only happens every 33-38 years and lasts around 2 years so we are talking almost 4 decades within each cycle. On January 12th, Sunday, they will meet again. Asking us to stand firmly in our own power from a place of love. Just coming off of an eclipse that is aligned with the expansion of the heart (Friday) we are getting assistance from the universe to expand and excel for our best and highest (if we are interested in participating).
Calling us to go deeper. The transformation awaiting us will be of the highest order if we so allow. Power and resources in the areas of spirit, mental intellect, material are places to experience increase.
Saturn–Pluto conjunction reflects a lesson about the right use of power. Saturn represents the karmic consequences of misaligned actions. Saturn is known as the task master and the planet associated with time. Saturn means that you will get the lessons that you need to understand. Although the lessons can feel like a barrage at times if you continue to work thru the stretch  you will see that the boundaries you are being asked to build and honor are for your highest good.
Unconditional love is another theme of these planetary actions. Pluto is about death and rebirth. Coupled with the “4” year we are in of 2020 we are being asked to become master builders of our lives. Being able to love the you of now and do so without contempt and shame. Unconditionally hoping for better in your participation with your moment of NOW persevering  towards rejoicing in the truth of your worthiness to claim the day and start from the empowered position your innate power gives to you.
We close with these timely informative bits and will get back to the uncovering of why we run next time.  Until then walk in grace lean towards the adventures of living your fullest experiences and show yourself some divine love.

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