Remembering some of Dr.King’s passions

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The close of the day dedicated to living into the remembrance of Dr.King.  I was inspired to share with my darlings some of the passions of Dr.King. As a committed believer and practitioner of perseverance regardless of audience or popular opinion or not being understood. An individual that was passionate about using your voice to speak up and out about moments of injustice, brutality, oppression of every kind.
I shared with them how dedicated Dr.King was about ending poverty and calling people of political influence begin to see the relevance of this favorite theme. So in the mommy mode of “get this lesson kids” we began the ways to grow your money. We shared with them that their money needs to be able to be added onto it self by what they do with it.  We spoke of investing in places to live, companies and commodities. Laughing now… laughing harder then after they where like “HUH”. They did however get the piece that Dr.King would like them to be have their money grow to help guard against being poor; to speak up in the moment when they see oppression brutality injustice; maintain peace – to fight for peace.
So maybe this time next year Dr. Martin Luther King Day the darlings and I will have gotten more into practicing those passions into how we live our everyday lives. We will definitely continue to persevere  with the themes of Dr.King’s passions.

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