I accept the healing energies

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6347AA0C-7C13-46E8-A9BB-4A4D347F5797We have been in the Retrograde pre shadow since Feb 2nd and will be here until Feb 16/17 when Mercury goes direct. This is the first retrograde cycle for Mercury in 2020. And as we discussed the energies are heightened throughout this year and during this time they are also amplified by last Sunday’s full moon. So you may feel the slowing down as Mercury prepares to retrograde along with things feeling as though they are shifting under your feet as you look for higher ground to steady yourself upon. Retro begins in the sign of Pisces (water) and ends in Aquarius (air). Your intuition will be heightened during this time and your awareness about where you have been overthinking in areas that do not serve you may come up.

On our Beautiful Blog calls we have been using the sentence “ I am accepting the healing energies of God’s grace God’s love into the depths of my being.” This will support the flow and use of the energies that tap in the universe to move to you to a place of incorporating your spirit essence with your physical elements. The use and repetition of the sentence will soften harden places within your heart, mind, memories that perpetuate limits in your experiences and existence. The sentence also supports healing for the purpose of wholeness inwardly and outwardly. The words speak to the expansive nature of your being and being in integrity with acknowledging your own expansiveness by accepting healing and love within. Being whole is a decision that needs your permission. Our use of this sentence is a way of giving our permission to begin and continue on a path inclusive of our individual wholeness. It can also be a sentence you use and repeat for yourself. We encourage you to use it and watch how it supports you in the course of your day….your days. After all who can go wrong with healing and with the unconditional  love of God.

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