1198EA83-223C-49EE-B1AF-65C32E20B2A7How do you stay steady in the in between spaces? (You make a decision to stay steady on what you are believing for.)

After a heart opening experience that allows you the freedoms to stretch and expand, yet it didn’t work out the way you expected it would, through your limited view of what it should have looked like. So now you are left working through a backlash of resistance. And all the ways you use to cope and soothe no longer work. So how do you step out of cycles of behavior that no longer serve you? (You make a decision to stand with conviction on what you are becoming and release the old thing that you have been)

And where do you find comfort upon returning to a life that no longer feels like your own? (You can find comfort in the Love of God. Comfort may be found in many different images: mental images, emotions, colors, feelings, music: the possibilities are endless. Change is mandatory for every Living thing. Embrace your New stage of development.)

When the crushing realization that you have erected structures of limit around you because fear has been your co-pilot for far too long. Feelings of wanting to protect the heart again and go into the comfort of closing down may come up and you will be confronted with the question of will you choose a new way of being and remain open despite the pain and uncomfortableness?

Will you be courageous and bold and remain in a space of vulnerability while reminding yourself that the life that you desire to be living awaits you if you remain so? I have found that when I resist staying in the heart space it shows up in my life as stepping away from creative pursuits. Slipping back into old patterns of behavior searching for a safe way of being vs remaining in the limitlessness of becoming. Wanting to shut down in the places where you had been open just a short time ago. My vision becomes short sighted and the ills of life come to be counted. Instead of shifting your perspective towards possibilities all you see is road blocks and pitfalls. Reasons to play small take over your thoughts. Not taking risks and playing safe. Desires become displaced by “logic”.

When you expand past the point that you have ever done so before in spaces and places that had been hardened to the point where you didn’t think they could be revived it can leave you feeling disoriented at times. So all the ways opening felt freeing the contracting has felt painful, shocking and damaging. The Spiritual portion of us asks that we be BOLD participating in displaying our courage in small steps to promote genuine confidence in our ability to blossom as a Lotus.

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