C77558DC-8B9A-4F75-84C6-DC6470E05438February 23 at approximately 10:40 am we were introduced to a new moon in Pisces. The point of why we care about this… is the energy. The energy of this particular new moon is ALL about healing and inspiration and it stays with us for six months (September 2,2020). The full moon in September will be Pisces this completing the cycle.  How’s that for committed conviction?!!! How’s that for perseverance to uplifting the whole?!!! Or how’s that for being thorough?!!!!
We now have energies flowing that are directly aligned with each human being getting into their own spaces of healing… that would be healing for wholeness. Energies due the positioning of planets that increase the intensity of emotions to make an opening for confronting matters that would like to be cleared and then released. Energies that are akin to reflecting on the goals set or desires  held in your heart for yourself in 2019. These energies support the clarity needed to assist you in realizing the desire of you still feel for it or the editing it if you have grown apart from it. Either way you get to address it and move forward with a sense of integrity and accomplishment that comes from clarity of function and purpose. Also being that Mercury is in retrograde until March 9 making a scramble of contracts, technologies, communication… it is wise to revisit goals of the past you still desire to manifest and manifest them. This way you are in integrity with your creativity and your power. The theme is still on healing for wholeness, one streaming energy flow at a time.

We would be absolutely smitten if everyone made themselves available to actively participate with the energetic support the universe has on tap to move make and elevate each of us individually and collectively. There are many planets in Capricorn to support the access of having and gaining energy to support the doing physically or emotionally or mentally or intuitively or shifting into the heart. All of this speaks to healing all of this speaks to the universe being in alignment with humanities best and highest good. Get involved with these energies of creativity, healing, intuition and emotion the  steady and thorough new moon in Pisces has ushered it. The outcome can be as bold and awesome as you are willing. Healing after all is a process and it’s benefits are always highly sort after by those who enjoy living as well as those who just have had enough of the other stuff.

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