Getting into your clearing position.

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Boots on the ground. This post is to acknowledge manage and help with the energies that are here now. Pisces intensified emotions that were before shrouded and concealed. It can cause the mind to race.
Working with the new energies as emotions are intense right now. Dealing with one some or all of the following: creating, designing, manifesting, working with creativity working, with expansion, working through expanding.
Releasing things that are no longer necessary for where you are going… this list can continue but we think you get that get it.

Here is a tool to support and help raise for ability and feel encouraged.
Breath work- to help with overwhelming & demanding thoughts. Those looped thoughts that cause anguish, anxiety, frozen/ suspension of mobility  and feeling stuck.
Places where people are fighting to come up out of the repetitive thoughts that arrest them. Places were we are fighting to come away from urges default mechanisms to hide to shrink to go “ninja roach” in the mist of living our lives.
So we offer a beginning  step into the acknowledgment and reacquainting you with inhalation.  What it offers in the millisecond you do it. We will share how to use the inhale throughout your day.

Ready. Follow this step by step.

Breathe in. Breathe out.
Bring your awareness to your breathing in.
Breathe in again. Breathe out. Now focus on your taking oxygen into your body to nourish your ability to be to do whatever it is you decide. Breathe out.

Did you realize how all of you comes together with pointed clarity of purpose as you bring your awareness to the inhale? Were you at all aware of the fact that you were centered for that millisecond to took to take necessary oxygen into your body to support your essential part of living?
The purpose of the inhale is to get the most out of the moment in the clearest way.  The inhale supports the absolute truth of being able, being focused. Now couple this inhale
with the self talk at precisely the same time you are inhaling.
Preface whatever you are going to say with “I AM….”   simultaneously every time you take in oxygen.
During one of Beautiful blog’s many charges we were saying  “I AM breathing in the Grace of God”  you can chose to say whatever you like after “I AM”.E7DF1FF9-85B5-47B3-BF35-2A49ECE3CD11

The overwhelming thoughts can be over come through repetitive use of this tool. Your word is the best encouragement. Your inner voice is the best encourager. We will leave you with a few possibilities to say at the precise time you inhale to support yourself in the throes of inner conflict.

I AM protected
I AM able
I AM expansive
I AM steady

I AM worthy

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