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The energy of the Full moon in Virgo can feel intense at times as it is a Super moon. Which means the Moon is the closest that it gets to the Earth. This is the second of three super moons in 2020 and they all are happening in a row, which is rare. Do you see the theme we keep talking about- how rare the astrology is for this year? As above, so below. The energies we are in are rarefied and totally new. Calling us to go ever deeper. This moon is the last full moon in the 2019 astrological cycle which is another reason why we are being asked to release, purge and let go of the stories of old, before we move into the new energies of the astrological cycle of 2020. Mercury will station direct as well today which means each day from this point on we will see the channels of communication begin to smooth out and be more easeful. And in these times of deep fear and stress that will also be welcomed in numerous ways. In our last post we offered breath work as a tool to aid you in choosing self love over fear, doubt, worry and stress. Have you found it helpful? Were you able to implement it into your daily practice?264989AF-2C0B-4195-8EDF-DB3FB45E31BB

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