Can we increase our peace of mind?

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8ACC9330-A520-43DB-BF62-1346842B3DD8As we all are dealing with the Corona virus updates, preparedness for possible quarantines, maintaining some peace of mind is necessary. It is important to separate yourself from the onslaught of frenzy and hypersensitivity to panic. This is essential to keeping your immune system steady …supported instead of running it down. The more you internalize the energy from the collective lower vibration of fear you decrease the strength of your immune system. In so doing you become more susceptible to contagions. Also the harboring of fears and anxiety that do not speak to viable solutions interfere with digestion and acuity.
Please entertain using any of the following tools:

a) Inhale deeply so you can let this beautiful breath that is allowing you to be present out in a way that your entire torso releases. Do this with an open mouth during the exhaling. Your deep inhale will promote a sound that will come out of your slightly opened or widely open mouth. Repeat this 3-5 times consecutively.

b) Using the power of your inhale. Bring your attention to your natural inhale pattern. Now slow your inhale d-o-w-n notice the inhale is getting longer more steady more even more filling. Great! Now at the same time you are taking the deliberate slow inhale that is feeding your entire body with the rich oxygen your cells are luxuriating in tell yourself “I am breathing in the grace of God.” or “I am protected.” or “I am able” Repeat any of these “I am …” statements at the exact moment of your life supportive inhale 3-5 times consecutively.

c)If you have creative abilities you can create your separate space of calm with the use of this specific creative ability. For instance if you write then journal who knows it may become a best seller. If you enjoy putting colors together then paint, color, draw and then color.  After all creativity is acknowledgment of your spirit and brings in a higher vibration.

d) Implore your vibrations to rally through the use of music that you find uplifting/up beat/ inspirational/ filling. Being that everything has a vibration this will support all of who you are. Bathe in this music… meaning submerse yourself in the tunes let them support your lifting moment creating a space to be at ease.

A more physical centered approach could be adding herbal teas to your intake options. For instance at my house we have taken to drinking oregano, thyme, ginger, honey and calendula tea (1 teaspoon of each) for support of the immune system and prevention. Yes they are all together made in a 1.7 quart kettle. This drunken throughout the day… sometimes only once. It is made fresh each day and water is added to the kettle throughout the day. Occasionally additional herbs are added when the herbal tea is in heavy rotation.

The children and I have also added gargling with warm water salt and apple cider vinegar before routine teeth brushing and mouthwash use. This is get anything lodging in the throat area up and out. I admit I did this twice once in the morning and once in the evening because I felt something bothering my throat for two days.
Increasing physical activity will support a strengthened immune system. So dance to two -three songs in a row. Walk up and down your stairs for 3 minutes. Walk around your yard or your apartment like a small private track. Stretch your body starting with counts of eight and go down in increments of two. Then stretch for a single count.

Stay mindful of your mindset and choose to participate in adding to your peace of mind.




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