All this giving is just waiting for you….

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As the week folded over into another week of being voluntarily within my parameters I was aware of all the gifts that were surfacing. Time to appreciate how I am using my time which lead to appreciation for the thoughts I support myself with as encouragement. I became aware of the laughter that was waiting to be welcomed more and more openly into situations. I gave ideas of how I was managing my preventive care… turning the family’s kettle into a herbal infusion packed with anti-viral (clinical supported) herbs and a dollop of honey to taste. Oh yes we are still using our concoction of rosemary, oregano, fennel, basil , ginger (on again/off again), calendula petals ( also on again off again)! Of course it is working for us… thank you for asking ( laughing because I know you didn’t ask)! Utilized time to learn new things I expressed an interest in. Here’s one -having the courage to just take a nap when I feel tuckered out…. it just got better from there.
I repurposed theater tickets to support the employees. I shared time with local artist for painting classes with the children. Yes it was virtual. I re-introduced them to coding with an old program that used to be at their school. Oh and that was without monetary cost. The cost was time to look them up, call and stay on the phone to inquire about them.
I am becoming aware of so many gifts that are being offered for the sharing between us all at a time such as this. So let me share some of these gifts with you. Perhaps you will share these and others with someone else.
Free dance classes from the Morris dance group known for being at BAM:

Online Classes

Something for those who are caring for children and like science also (or just one or the other ) :

For those of us that enjoy participating with percussion with others or alone New Victory Theater is offering percussion week:

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