76623999-532F-4638-8FEB-53D98F245B71It has been a most interesting week since the last post. More heightening of concerns and practices for keeping safe. More humans across the globe showing creative solution to shortages of necessities. More sharing and an increase in the passing on of laughter to one another. Increased usage of technology to interact with other people  and less of the reverse actions of using technology to reduce interaction. Communication of  the things that before would be left unsaid for various schools of thought. Again reconnecting to the beauty of loving our other family members and  friends unconditionally.
It is time to share the light of that unconditional love on ourselves. Being the recipient of our offering showing and sharing unconditional love to ourselves. This provides fertile ground for nurturing the parts of ourselves that are out of alignment with this love. Participation is optional however it is strongly suggested for wellness and healing towards wholeness. Give yourself deprogramming opportunities for reprogramming for your best and highest good. Aligning with the infinite intelligence within yourself to prevent harmful alignment with deleterious fears.

There are so many upcoming NOW moments ripe with opportunities for shifting lower dense energies we are partnering with. For instance a pamper party with yourself. Of course you can include your housemates after you pamper yourself first. This will support you in giving to you – declaring your power and speaking life into the knowledge of you being worthy.
Shaking up the stagnancy in the body from the lock down with a dance party. First Saturday anybody https://www.brooklynmuseum.org/visit/first_saturdays?utm_source=Brooklyn+Museum&utm_campaign=922c5eec68-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_02_21_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_3771b5e704-922c5eec68-296002659&mc_cid=922c5eec68&mc_eid=2debb10839

Taking your inner peace into consideration and giving it support as you intend on accessing more of it. Allow some professional inner peace ambassadors to assist you in bringing the resonance of you up into your own vision for you to access more readily moving forward.

In the areas where you find you are the unofficial official point person for all data Co Vid-19 we offer you the beauty of release. Listen to these singing bowls in any state you would like. The suggestion is to lay down and let the sounds wash over you.

You also could listen to a short version of frequencies for the purpose of release also known as transmutation.


Enjoy these tools. Stay safe.

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