Our lives are made up of choices. Each moment we are asked how will we show up for what is being presented to us. Will we participate? At what level will we participate if at all? Will you show up for yourself and others? We have collectively been asked to pause during this time which offers us the opportunity to ask ourselves some questions about the lives that we have been living. We are not able to hide behind the moniker of “I’m so busy” not to say that we are not busy in this pause, however it is a different type of busy. There are spaces in the day that you may be able to carve out for yourself because you aren’t commuting, going to an office or going through the sameness of everyday as we were before. We are being asked what do we desire our lives to look and feel like. Reminding us that we have choices, because it is about perspective, perception and schema.
I was reminded this morning about a dream that I had a few years ago. I was in a boat and speeding down the water and the coast line was of a city and each building was made out of huge crystals. There was a globe like structure made out of malachite and sky scrapers of rose quartz, amethyst and black obsidian. And the water was shimmering this magnificent color. It took up until recently for the understanding to come through that I was being shown the communities of the future (if humanity chooses to align with God and their hearts). Self sustaining spaces built on life giving properties and optimal health.
Will we collectively have the courage, strength and fortitude to persevere as we move forward into the space of the unknown?
We would like to offer a prayer that aligns with you expanding in your spiritual heart space to enable yourself to move boldly from this space. Encouraging you in expansion in all areas of your life. You can repeat the prayer or read it once. You can edit parts of the prayer if you find something distracting to you. This prayer comes from a book supporting the opening of the heart with the use of divine love as the supportive and nurturing beam. (Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames by Ms.James):

I Open My Heart to Thee

My Beloved victorious I AM Presence,Light of my soul!

My Beloved Holy Christ Self , Wisdom of my soul!

Beloved Father/Mother God from the Great Central Sun, Beloved Masters of the Great White Brotherhood, Seven Mighty Archangels and Seven Elohim of God, Beloved Virgo our dear Mother Earth.

I AM so willing to be filled with the love of God, I open my heart to thee.
I AM so longing for grace from the heart of God, I open my heart to thee.

I AM so hoping to become Divine Love, I open my heart to thee.
I now pour forth my love and devotion to thee, asking to be restored to my eternal Cosmic Freedom.

As I AM renewed in thy Embrace I feel the Peace of thee Eternal Love Flame.

(This can be said once, three, six or nine times. You can omit portions of the introduction to the prayer if you are distracted by any of the wording. Use that which resonates with you now)





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