Nothing new under the sun.

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We have been reading The Game of Life by Florence Shinn on our daily prayer call. This is a book that was written many decades ago yet all of the richness and morsels of wisdom that are packed onto the pages are ever so relevant in our lives today.

One of the many nuggets that she discusses is the Law of Expectancy. During this time that we find ourselves in I have been asking myself what is it that you are expecting in your life? Just because you are seeing/hearing/listening to that which looks one way does not mean that you have to expect that in your own life. Hasn’t the work that we’ve been doing individually and collectively for these past however many years been believing for a limitless existence? Living into the Truth of who you are and who’s you are? So then why do I continue to sell my life short and keep trying to small myself up vs getting quieter and more still within NO MATTER what type of cacophony is transpiring around me and listening for that which is for my highest and greatest good. One step at a time. One moment at a time with committed conviction.A55A7445-CB0A-4376-A5F1-7C584F001124

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