C8B32573-A85D-4C60-887A-E636CAB3F249I took to burning candles for the ancestors praying and going to a protest. My children have been forced to grow up a little faster since living under a rock is not living in our household. Over nine decades of being ignored…being displaced literally and figuratively… being looked at like the “other” being instead of another human being.

Now must be the time to move on the continuing of Dr.King’s and Malcolm X’s message to have, see and participate in pushing reformative legislation into manifestation during our lifetimes. Reformative legislation that comes from the whispers of the residents of Chicago’s Red Summer, residents of Black Wall Street, residents of Elaine, Arkansas, residents of Rosewood, Emmet Till, Fannie Lou Hamer, Ida B.Wells. We need to recognize as an individual and then as a human being linked to other human beings that if one of us is oppressed we all are oppressed. When one of us is being ignored and or denied the right to live unencumbered we all are being denied the right to live unencumbered…directly- indirectly, short and long term. Being aware of our surroundings is completely a powerful use of individual power, inner peace, authority and inner joy moving with these items as we  intimately check our humanity. Become of aware of our living in an environment that is not and has not been conducive to harmonious blending and expanding in prosperity , healing towards wholeness, perfect self expression and   Divine Love. However this can and is making steps to change… during this time. Fresh on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic where everyone’s mortality has been a topic of consideration and living a fuller life. It is time to continue to work for manifesting the divine design to live boldly from the heart and be our brethren’s keeper. As we go through the unrest remember the only way to overcome is to heal the pains of the past which comes through confronting these old hurts in honest dialogue. Let’s work!
I shared a little about my process let me ask “How are you doing?”

Where are you in this moment?

Have you taken a moment amidst the swirling energies of change, transformation and upheaval that are happening around and in us to ask yourself where am I? Where am I as I navigate my day to day existence? Where am I with the turmoil that is churning and erupting within our lives? Where am I when making choices throughout my day? What lens am I looking at life through? Is it one of fear, worry and doubt of the unknown or is it one of courage and bravery as you face the challenges that present themselves? What landscape do you see when looking out through your 3rd eye is it one of hope and resilience for a better tomorrow and a more just society?

2 Replies to “It is time”

  1. Where are we? Indeed I liken it to the portal, the birthing canal, the pain and the breath, the push… embracing tears from generations… holding space for HOPE, as a child of 8yrs old needs to know there is a FUTURE we are needing to shape. Thru art and Sanskrit chanting – words we don’t use regularly but learning the power of the ancient language. Connections. Breath. Kindness. Choosing to not purchase things or take a nap – to not partake in the hustle of this culture of go-go-go…

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