We wanted to speak on the relationship between the light and dark as it seems to be a reoccurring theme these days as we see people rising up to speak their truth and offering love to situations that look to be full of hate and vice versa. Offering the love of God into places within ourselves to support a balance between the rage,hurt, disappointment and the opportunity being offered in the right now. It is necessary to allow for openness in dialogue with ourselves and then with others. Being honest without condemning our thoughts our perspectives and perception supports our walk through healing hurts moving into healthier exchanges.

Here are some things to offer your private thoughts so not to trap emotions within your body and cause abnormal biochemical exchanges. What is the relationship between light and dark in your experiences? Do you see where you can be offering yourself more compassion, love, grace and understanding? Which in turn would then allow you to offer more of these things to those around you? Have you been gifted the awareness that when you are unbalanced on either side of light and dark you realize that you cannot have one without the other and to experience aspects of both supports having a FULL experience.

Anytime you are too far over on one side of something the pendulum will need to swing back to the other side to find the balance. Look for universal truths to ground you to the broadening of your perspective. In so doing you would have actively aligned yourself with spiritual points of fact. Being divine and knowing that spirit is your essence and the matter is the secondary to this. Broadening the perspective gives you the presence of mind to see clearly another part to the story not that you will concur only that you could comprehend a part that was left as a troubling unknown. Give yourself the permission to release, forgive and move with compassion towards yourself as you balance your light and dark.

Stay well and active in living out loud from your heart !

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