Going through…

2020 is the year of the master builder.
Before we can create and build a life lived in integrity the questions have to be asked of how are we living and which aspects (if any) are still aligned with our desires. Some aspects may no longer align, however without a closer look how will we know what is right for us any longer?

During this time of great change and transformation we continue to work the tools that we have been given and go deeper into the exploratory adventure called our lives.
Softening and opening the places within to receive the gift of greater awareness. Walking through the inner landscape and terrain of my world has brought me to this Now moment of which I can only describe as walking through the tunnel at an arena and coming out onto a dark field and in one moment all of the lights are turned on at once drenching the darkness with light. The places and spaces that were once hidden have now begun to reveal themselves. The courage has risen up within to turn towards the things that have in the past left me filled with fear and judgement and that have kept me on the run for lifetimes. Past life traumas, present life heartaches and generational angst that have deeply shaped my life began to unravel and have left me with the understanding that the foundation of the current life I’ve been “living” has been built from a place of what I don’t want vs what I want. The quotes have been added to denote that this is not really living. In this moment of realization the gravitas of what I had seemingly stumbled upon left me speechless.

This is a time of deconstructing that which has been erected on false truths, half truths and false beliefs that are not aligned with Divine Truth. I incarnated in this lifetime to anchor the energies of the New Earth and that begins within each and every one of us on this earthly planet in this Now moment. As I further deconstruct my inner pillars of false truths that were erected at a time when I did not have clear understanding of the world around me I look with expectancy towards God. Encouraging myself, thanks to the obedient love offering of the Christ as it was written he stated “Look Mother, I make all things new.” As I present myself present to participate in more NOW moments I say “Thank you, as I am made new. Walking into my right mind with my expanding heart leading the way. Thank you more please.”

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